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    The First Phase of New Staff Induction Training of Adway Construction Group in 2017 Held
    Published:2017/4/1 Views:4720

    Adway Construction Group successfully held the first phase of new staff induction training on March 30, 2017, in which a total of 20 new recruits from 14 departments received.

    Lecturers from various departments explained the company's culture and team building, the group's  administrative system and the office system process, and conducted interactive games in a relaxed and enthusiastic atmosphere during the one-day training.

    This training further enhanced the awareness of new employees about the company's culture and related management systems, and strengthened their sense of belonging and responsibility to the company. The new staff said that they benefited from training and will be getting involved in Adway family with more positive attitude and enthusiasm, contributing their own strength to the group.



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