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    Focusing on the Implementation of Work, Seeking Development and Stability
    Published:2017/3/31 Views:4491


    The strategy deployment Conference of 2017 of Adway Construction Group was held in the company headquarters on March 23, 2017. The Chairman and President of Ye Yujing, Vice President Liu Yilun, Ye Niangting, Ye Guofeng, Huang Ye and the directors of different working Centers attended the conference with all staff in headquarters, gathering together to summarize the work experience of 2016, looking at the development prospects of the group, and describing the future blueprint. The conference covered all the agenda in accordance with established goals.


    The senior executives and department managers of the group made annual report of 2016 and displayed the work plan in 2017. The Group awarded 19 outstanding employees included Fu Xuehua for their excellent performance over the past year. It also awarded 47 employees who have been working in company at least 5 years included Xiong Junsong as loyal staff, for carrying forward the positive energy and motivating employees to achieve success in the new year.


    At the meeting, Mr. Ye Yujing, Chairman of the Group, made an important speech. Chairman Ye summarized that the year of 2016 was a very important year of milestones in the history of Adway. In this year, Adway has been enjoyed the twentieth Anniversary, and it has been listed successfully on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange on November 25 symbolizing Adway has entered a new era of development. At the same time, Chairman Ye extended his heartfelt thanks for all the hard work of the staff.


    Chairman Ye said that the national economic environment condition was severe over the past year, but the group conscientiously implemented the concept of innovation and development with confidence, forging ahead with determination under the guidance of the brand concept “Adway’s decoration with love, dedicating to quality, only to perfection" and achieved a steady growth in revenue and net profit. For the project research and development, high-quality boutique project blossomed everywhere. "The medical department Curtain Wall and Steel Structure Construction of North New District Medical Center ", "Chongqing Publishing Media Creative Center Tower A " and other projects won the national awards. For the management of subsidiaries, the group expanded its geographical scope, and deepened its management innovation. The Group has set up 23 branches and offices throughout the country establishing a wide range of marketing network until the end of 2016.


    Chairman Ye also made a strategic plan for the work of 2017. " Making progress while maintaining stability " is the overall tone of the first year's work after listing, and focusing on the strict implementation and management. He proposed that the group should be determined to play a platform role to integrate complementary resources and to create a mutual beneficial win-win situation; continue to fully implement the spirit “performance is the king and all employee marketing management”. The Group goals down to every level, each piece of work is implemented to ensure the realization of the overall goal. On the basis of consolidation of performance in first-tier cities, the group will expand its operating network with national central cities as the fulcrum; and to deepen the model innovation, with the Internet +, using internet tools to reduce operating costs and improve work efficiency.


    In the end, chairman Ye sent a message to the future development of the Group that Adway staff shoud continue to implement the company's development strategy in a down-to-earth manner and work hard to ensure the achievement of the operating objectives in 2017. Under the new market competition situation, the Group will continue to blaze new trails in a pioneering spirit, working together with our strategic partners for mutual benefit and win-win, to carry forward Adway’s brand being the pilot of building decoration industry and create a bright tomorrow.



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