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    The Seventh Meeting of Shenzhen Alumni Council of Xiamen University EMBA Held
    Published:2017/1/15 Views:3477
    The seventh meeting of Shenzhen Alumni Association Council of Xiamen University EMBA was held  in a meeting room of Shenzhen Zhongzhuang Construction Group in the afternoon of January 14, 2017. Director of Cosmo Lady (China) Holdings Limited, president of Shenzhen Alumni Council of Xiamen University EMBA, Mr.Zheng Yaonan; director of Shenzhen Zhongzhuang Construction Group Co., Ltd., honorary president of alumni association, Mr. Zhuang zhong; director and President of Guangdong Adway Construction(Group) Holdings Co., Ltd.and honorary president of Alumni Association,Mr. Ye Yujing and other 15 guests attended the meeting.
    The alumni meeting was rich in topics. There was a visit for the host company after the guests check in. The Alumni Association first discussed and approved the Alumni Mutual Aid Platform, which aims to establish a platform for the supply and demand and sharing of information among alumni associations. The meeting discussed and approved the preparatory plan for the financial club. The program will provide a platform for investment, entrepreneurship and development and capital financing opportunities to help the member of alumni association improve investment decision-making level.
    Alumni Association listened carefully to the review and summary of the work of 2016, pointing out that there were shortcomings of the work of information management and organizational activities were not rich enough, posing the improvement plan. Members of the Alumni Association voted after the meeting to adopt the report. The meeting also discussed and approved the development of strategic plan 2017-2018, at the same time pointed out that entrepreneurs, students should learn to implement the spirit of the strategic development under new economic circumstances, clearly understand the economic situation, make reform on supply. It is expected to make greater contributions for the region. At the same time alumni association hoped the members continue to enhance friendship, and actively promote the resource sharing mechanism.
    President Zheng Yaonan delivered a warm speech after the discussion and deliberation. He hoped that all the alumni association students work together to build the platform of alumni association and give full play to the role of serving.
    After the meeting, all the guests and alumni classmates attended the conference dinner together.

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