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    Adway Construction Group Awarded by Shenzhen Industry Association
    Published:2017/1/10 Views:3489

    Adway Construction Group was honored six awards at the “2016 Annual Conference & the 15th Session of the Shenzhen Enterprise Innovation Record Results Released Conference” organized by the Shenzhen Industry Associationon on January 6, 2017.

    During the event, the Chairman of the Board of the Group, Mr. Ye Yujing, attended the conference as a special guest and sent a warm New Year greetings to all the members of the Shenzhen Federation of Industry.


    Adway Group won three titles: "Shenzhen Energy-Saving and Environmental Protection Demonstration Enterprise", "Shenzhen Craftsman Cultivation and Demonstration Unit" and "Shenzhen Outstanding Social Responsibility Enterprise". Mr. Ye Yujing, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Group, was awarded the "Outstanding Contribution Award of Shenzhen Entrepreneur"; Mr. Mo Hua and Mr. Ye Zuoli, staff of the Group, were awarded the "Shenzhen 100 Excellent Artisan".

    Mr. Ye Yujing said in an exclusive interview with the media that these titles the Group won in this conference are testimonies to the Group's continuous development and growth; are affirmations of social responsibility the Group has taken. It is the achievement of Continuous forging ahead with innovation and courageous fighting of Adway people, and we will continue to move forward and create more glories and records.


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