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    The Second Phase of New Employee Orientation Training in 2016
    Published:2016/9/23 Views:3175

    Adway Construction Group successfully organized the second phase of new employee orientation training on May 26, 2016. Several new employees from different departments attended the training.
    In order to enable new employees understand the basic situation of the company in the shortest time, the HR department of the headquarter arranged the relevant department managers to give comprehensive explanation on the corporate culture, organizational structure, financial system and management system (attendance management, remuneration and welfare, employee career development). At the same time, in the training process, they also made a request for new employees to insist on their career choice, understand and recognize the company's corporate culture, involve in the Group's family, study and show their greatest advantages, and continue to make progress. New employees said that they benefited a lot from the training, and were very inspired.
    The new employee orientation training was to meet the needs of enterprises. The training was made a series of expansions on the basis of the previous staff training.


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