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    Adway Construction Group’s 2016 New Year Spring Dinner
    Published:2016/2/19 Views:3178


    Time flies. The busy 2015 has passed away with a blink of an eye, and fullness of expectations 2016 has came to us. The new year breeds new goals and hopes. Adway Construction Group 2016 New Year dinner was held in Baoqing House, on February 19, 2016. The chairman and president Mr.Ye Yujing, vice president Ye Guofeng; Ye Niang Ting; Liu Yilun; Huang Ye; Kou Yue and the department leader, all the staff from headquarters gathered together to celebrate Chinese Spring Festival and to describe development blueprint of the group and discuss the marketing strategy.
    During the dinner, Mr. Liu Yilun, the vice president of the Company, gave a summary report on the work of the year 2015. In his report, Mr. Liu summed up the excellent achievements made by the Company in 2015, and made clear general plan of the Company in 2016, including strategic objectives and key tasks, at the same time sent new year message to all the staff, expressed the most profound wishes for the employees and their families . Mr. Ye YuJing, Chairman of the Board, made an important speech and thanked the employees for their hard work over the past year and expressed his expectations for the future development of Group.
    Mr Ye said that in the past 2015, the company overcomed the difficulties in the joint efforts of all colleagues facing grim economic situation at home and abroad, enhanced enterprise management level with the wisdom and strength of all staff, and strived to expand the market and saved cost. The annual sales continued to achieve a historic breakthrough which won a higher honor and more achievements, creating memorable and touching story. The company achieved such excellent results thanks to all colleagues' hard work, forging ahead in unity, selfless dedication. Mr Ye extended sincere thanks to all staff. 
    Then, the Spring Festival dinner slowly opened. The group leaders toasted together led by the chairman of Mr. Ye Yujing, getting close distance with each employee. The dinner was enjoyable. Farewell today, we all will start a new journey.


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