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    The Third Batch of 500 High-Growth Small and Medium Enterprises for Key Innovative Help
    Published:2016/5/13 Views:3260


    After the unremitting efforts, Guangdong Adway Construction (Group) was awarded the title "Guangdong Province 500 Key High-Growth Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (Private Enterprises) Certificate" which has the quality to apply provincial key innovative support.
    According to the "implementatio of the development of 500 high-growth small and private enterprises in Guangdong Province", enterprises apply voluntarily, city and Shunde SME administrative department would do first review, expert review. After online publicity without objection, Guangdong Province Economic and Information Technology Commission, the Guangdong Provincial SME Bureau, and the Guangdong Provincial Private Economic Development Service Bureau selected the third batch of 150 high-growth enterprises. Adway was in the middle of the name list of "Key Innovation  500 High-Growth Small and Medium Enterprises (Private Enterprises for Key Innovative Help in Guangdong Province)", of which there will be 30 listed on the cultivation, 120 specialized in special new business.


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