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    Shenzhen Alumni Association Inaugural Meeting of Xiamen University EMBA
    Published:2016/7/14 Views:3730

    Xiamen University EMBA Shenzhen Alumni Association announced the formal establishment on May 21. The inaugural meeting was large-scale, influential. Leaders at all levels from the central, provincial, city, Xiamen University and Xiamen University EMBA sessions of the Shenzhen Alumni Association participated in the establishment of celebration activities. In addition, the CPPCC National Committee members Zhou Tianhong; the founder of Guangdong Province Fujian Chamber of Commerce Li Xianyi; the president of Guangdong Province Fujian Chamber of Commerce Xu Mingjin, Huang Zuren also attended the inauguration ceremony.
    The establishment of Xiamen University EMBA Shenzhen Alumni Association, for Shenzhen city, as well as the entire Pearl River Delta region, has a very important significance. During the Alumni Association ceremony, the guests and the alumni voted the first EMBA Xiamen University Alumni Association members.. Xiamen University EMBA class 2010's students, Adway Construction Group chairman, Mr. Ye Yujing was elected as the first honorary president.
    Mr Ye Yu-jing, said the encounter is the fate, together is the friendship. He will contribute to the development of the alumni in the future,and firmly practice the spirit of Xiamen University --"self-improvement, only to the best" , use theoretical knowledge learned in Xiamen University, take advantage of the company to contribute more strength for the community, university and classmates of EMBA.
    Mr. Ye Yujing has been leading Adway Construction Group since its inception in 1996, and has been adhering to the purpose of "integrity, beyond, dedication, efficiency" for social services, with a grateful heart to fulfill an enterprise obligations and social responsibility.


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