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    Adway Construction Group Honored Four Highest Awards of Projects
    Published:2016/12/28 Views:3342

    China Building Decoration Awards Ceremony(2015-2016) was held in the National Convention Center on December 23. Adway Construction Group as an award-winning units attended the meeting, and won four engineering awards. The president of that organization, Li Bingren, delivered speech and vice President & secretary-general Liu Xiaoyi made a keynote speech.

    China Building Decoration Engineering Award, the highest award in the field of building decoration, authorized by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural development, is organized by China Building Decoration Association every two years with participants of various decorative companies. "Construction of the Curtain Wall and Steel Structure of Medical Department of Northern New Medical Center", "Tower A of Chongqing Publishing Media Creative Center", "A3 A4 R & D Building of Nanjing Software Park Start Area" were honored “The Award of Architectural Decoration Engineering Construction”, and “Tower A of Chongqing Publishing Media Creative Center" won "the Award of Architectural Decoration Engineering Design". The company will make persistent efforts to adhere to innovation-driven development, and continuously promote the theoretical innovation, system innovation, technological innovation, cultural innovation and other aspects of innovation, in order to create more excellent projects and influential masterpieces.


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