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              Home > Honor > Engineering Honors

              Luban prize
              The University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Hospital (Previously known as Shenzhen Binhai  Hospital)

              National Architectural Decoration Award
              CTS (Qingdao) Ocean Spring Resort Hotel Decoration Project
              State Guest House Building in Ordos City
              The Building of Mongolian Medicine Research Institute, Erdos Outpatient Award
              Main Bulidings And Attahced Auildings of Tuha Oil Building in Turpan
              Animation And Online Games Industry Base Complex Building
              Curtain Wall Project
              The Building of Mongolian Medicine Research Institute, Erdos
              Outpatient Award
              Vanguard Shopping Mall ( Zunyi shop) Decoration Project
              Xinjiang Branch of China Import and Export Bank, New Office
              Building Decoration Project
              Tax-free Building
              Shenzhen Grand Skylight Hotel
              Zhengsheng Mansion Square
              Renovation Project of Academic Exchange Eenter of East China
              Jiaotong University
              Building Glass Curtain Wall Project of Gang Tou Development
              National Building Decoration Industry Science and Technology Innovation Achievement Award
              Granite Dry Hanging Technology
              Intelligent Lighting Control Technology for Underground
              Garage Lighting
              High Temperature Device for Engine Room
              Lighting Installation Technology for Indoor Lighting
              Visual Communication System of Video Conferencing Combining the Monitoring Equipment

              National building decoration industry science and technology demonstration project
              Mongolian Medicine Research Institute, Ordos Outpatient Award
              Building Room
              Ordos City Public Security Bureau Traffic Management Detachment Vehicle Management
              Renovation Project of Academic Exchange Center of East China
              Jiaotong University
              The Central Area of Baoan Rainbow Mall Decoration Section
              Nantong City Maternal and Child Health Hospital,Relocation Decoration Section
              A Tower Interior Decoration and Building Intelligent System of Chongqing Publishing and Media Center
              Duty-free Building Interior Decoration Project Tenders
              Main Bulidings and Attached Buildings of Tuha Oil Building in

              Best Project Design
              CTS HK (Qingdao) Ocean Spring Resort
              The University of Hong Kong - Shenzhen Hospital (Shenzhen Binhai Hospital)
              Guangdong Outstanding Architectural Decoration Award Guangdong Building Decoration Industry Science And Technology Demonstration Project Award Shenzhen City, Decoration Golden Eagle Award

              Tian An International Building District A,Tianhong Shopping Mall
              Rich Underground Sunshine Street Decoration Project
              Shenzhen Reception Office, Silver Lake Hotel, 1-8 Villa Decoration Project
              Cards Center of the Bank of China,Building Renovation Project
              Dongguan City Park Hyatt International Hotel Public Area Renovation Project

              Nantong City Maternal and Child Health Hospital Relocation Indoor Decoration Section
              Baoan Tianhong Shopping Center,Decoration Engineering Section

              Shenzhen City Bureau of Yantian District Office
              Decoration Engineering of Enping Radio and Television Center
              Zhaoqing Xinghu Hotel