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              Home > About Us > History

              Guangdong Yahe Decoration Construction Co.,Ltd. was incorporated in, Shenzhen with a registered 

              capital of RMB 5 million.

              February 1997, we changed our name from Guangdong Yahe Decoration Construction Co.,Ltd. to Guangdong

              Adway Decoration Construction Co.,Ltd.

              We obtained the qualification of Grade II Professional Contractor of Building Renovation and Decoration Engineering.

              We changed our name from Guangdong Adway Decoration Construction Co.,Ltd. to Guangdong Adway Construction

              We obtained ISO9001 International Quality Control Systems Authentication, ISO14001 Environmental Management

              System Certficat ion and OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification.

              We were awarded “Top 100 Enterprises in the PRC Building Decoration Industry”for the first time, ranked no.7 in

              “The Enterprise Delivering Construction Work with the Most Comprehensive Strength (Decoration) Enterprise and the

              title of "Credible Enterprise  in the PRC".

              We also founded our first branch in Chongqing.

              We were first awarded "National Green Architectural Decoration Construction Demonstration Unit".

              We were awarded “China's Famous Brand Enterprise”

              “Credible Enterprise in the PRC”

              National AAA Grade Credit Rating Enterprise”

              “National Customer Satisfaction Enterprise”

              “National Low Carbon Living Engineering Demonst ration Enterprise”

              “Pre-selected Const ructor of Shenzhen City Government”

              We founded our branch in Guangzhou.

              We moved our head office to room E 22nd Floor, Shenmao Commercial Centre, Xinwen Road, Futian District,

              Shenzhen with a total gross area of 1,225.24 sq.m.

              We obtained the qualifications of Grade I Professional Contractor of Building Renovation and Decoration

              Engineering Equipment

              We obtained Grade A Professional Building Decoration Enginering and Design

              We obtained National Grade A Construction Curtain Wall Design

              We further expanded our scope of business to cover sales of construction and decoration materials,

              machinery and power-generating equipment,fire safety engineering equipment and environmental-friendly

              filtration system.

              We changed our name from Guangdong Adway Construction Decoration Installation Engineering Co.,Ltd. to

              Guangdong Adway Const ruct ion (Group) Holdings Co.,Ltd.

              We founded our branch in Changsha.

              We obtained National Grade I in Curtain Wall Construction, Architectural Intelligent Construction and Construction of

              Fire Safety Equipment.

              We founded our branches in Taiyuan, Chengdu and Huizhou.

              We obtained Grade II Professional Contractor in Steel Structure Engineering and Grade B Professional Fire Safety

              Equipment Engineering and Design.

              We founded two branches in Wuhan and Kunming.

              We obtained Grade III in Professional Contractor of Metal Doors and Windows Engineering .

              We founded our branches in Haikou , Zhuhai and Yinchuan.

              We founded our branch in Nanchang.

              We obtained licenses of design of security technology precaution, construction and maintenance.

              We were awarded “National AAA Grade Credit Rating Enterprise".

              We founded three branches in Xining, Zhongshan.

              We obtained Permit for Operating Medical Equipment.

              We moved our head office to Peng Yi Garden, Bagua No.1 Road, Futian District,Shenzhen, which has a total gross

              area of 3,790.44 sq.m.

              We were awarded “Best Specialised Decoration Enterprise in the Medical and Health Segment of the National Build

              ing Decoration Industry”, “100 Innovative Enterprises with Outstanding Technology”, “Shenzhen's Famous

              Brand Enterprise” and “High-tech Enterprise”.

              We were awarded “Top Hundred Specialised Enterprises (in the category of hotels)” Guangdong Province Enter

              prise of Observing Contract and Valuing Credit”, and “Star Enterprise of National Construction Engineering and

              Decoration Award” as we have won the national prize for decoration construction projects for five consecutive years

              since 2008.

              We were assigned AAA grade in credit rating by Shenzhen Nanfang Credit Rating Co.,Ltd.

              We founded three branches respectively in Fuoshan , Hefei and Wuxi.

              We obtained the title of “The 13th Session of the Innovative Record of the Enterprises in Shenzhen — Innovative

              Environmental Protection Project promulgated by the Federation of Shenzhen Industries in recognition of our inno

              vation in environmental protection.